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Bottle Returns
We made it simple. After enjoying your 1836 Farms beverage, rinse out the bottle with soap and water. Then return your empty, clean bottle to any store that we service through the check-out line or guest services.

Purchasing our milk
We are located all across Texas! If you visit our website, there is a tab called 'store locator.' You can type in your zip code and find a store nearest you!

Expiration date
You can find the expiration date located on the side of the cap!

We use a gentle pasteurization method here at 1836 Farms. By using the HTST method, we maintain the natural presence of vitamins and nutrients within the milk. This method is also more gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Currently we do not offer any tours.

Distribution Opportunities
Looking for a reliable Direct Store Delivery (DSD) provider in Texas? Look no further than 1836 Farms!
As a leading DSD provider, we specialize in delivering high-quality products directly to retailers across the state.

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